welcome to grampus v2.0!

the hidden alcove

Largely inactive atm, but I'm cooking up some new layouts. Check back another time to see the changes!

Greetings to all who have found my little hidden alcove of the web!

I don't know too much about website design or coding, so that's far from the emphasis here (as can be seen by my use of templates). Instead, my goal here is self-expression and sharing my work. I love writing and making illustrations, so that comprises a lot of what's on this site.

If you're curious about me and what I'm up to, my about section and blog have more information. If you're more interested in my creative work, check out my my writing and (eventual) gallery pages. I also plan on adding more, such as a NieR shrine, so if that's what you're into, look at that when it's ready :)

I don't add or update things super often, but I hope you'll stick around for the ride! ^^